Earth Day Has Passed Now:

O.K., we have now had the mass demonstrations in favor of “Science” all across the country and around the world and those who know nothing ( or little of anything) have expressed their worshipful views of the conclusions of those who call themselves “Scientists.”

The first “Earth Day” happened almost 50 years ago and ever since that time “Scientists” have been making their frightful predictions about a terrible fate that is going to befall the planet and all mankind if humans decide to do one thing or the other …. and guess what, folks …. None of those horrible predictions have, as yet, come anywhere near coming true!

So much for the veracity and accuracy of the Scientific Community!

Forty-Seven years ago the “Scientists” were saying that all Civilization would end within a period of 15 to 30 years.

Guess what, assholes …. we are still here!

This dire prediction was based on whether or not Mankind got their act together and started doing something drastic and dramatic to clean up the environment and the atmosphere.

The environment and the atmosphere are pretty much as polluted today as it was 47 years ago and we are still here!

There was a time not so long ago when “The Scientists” were telling the whole world that most of the world would die from starvation sometime around the year, 1980 but guess what? Most of Civilization has not only failed to die of starvation but have thrived and continues to grow despite the bullcrap proclamations of the “Experts” who call themselves “Scientists.”

The great global famine they predicted back then did not happen and nobody that I know of has to go around wearing a gas mask 24-hours-a-day to escape the effects of the toxic atmospheric pollution the “Scientists” were screaming about.

The world was supposed to run out of oil by the year 2,000 too. Didn’t happen, folks. The “Scientists” got it wrong again … as they seem to do about 98 percent of the time they open their mouths.

Climate change?

First of all nobody can afford to fix the problem … ( If the problem does, in fact, really exist) and second of all even if the problem could be fixed I doubt anybody could be successful in getting everybody aboard toward finding a solution.

You want to know what I think?

I think we will all still be here in the next 47 years (Except for those of us who go the way of Nature and die of gun violence, radicalized Muslim violence or natural causes) and the people who will be here 47 years from now will still be merrily polluting the environment and the atmosphere with the same silly abandon as they are doing even as I type this more-than-brilliant blog post.

If you want to comment here and disagree with me you are more than welcome to do so. Before you do, however, make sure you know what you are talking about…. please.

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What’s Good For The Goose

As certain members of the U.S. Congress work their asses off in an effort to repeal Obama Care and strip millions of members of their health care insurance, there are some other folks working to make sure that members of Congress who enjoy their own health care insurance at taxpayer expense end up on an equal playing field with those whom they would deprive of health care if Obama Care is repealed.

I know that is a mouthful but what it means, in essence, is that if privatized health care is what is best for The American People as a whole then it is also what is best for the people elected to the Congress.

Interpretation: No taxpayer-supported health care insurance for The American People? Then no taxpayer-subsidized health care insurance for the supposed representatives of the People!

I think it is fair.

I am on board with the thought that if the Congress is willing to put the screws to The People on health care subsidies then the members of Congress should be required to have the same rules apply to their own health care.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

I think that if there is going to be health care coverage paid for with taxpayer money then everyone … The People and all the members of Congress should have the same equal kind of health care insurance and the same equal access to it.

Furthermore  — I also believe that members of the Congress should have to use Medicare too and that if they are going to continue messing with people’s health care then they should have their pensions stripped from them and they should be required to go on Social Security when they retire!

If the Congress is going to mess around with government-subsidized health care for the common person (The little guy) (The Average American) and is going to end up privatizing it all then I believe that members of the Congress should have to shell out money from their own pockets to pay for their own coverage just like everybody else.

Here is something that should be of interest to anyone following the actions of Congress to do away with the health care — ( HERE ).

Now somebody who only reads a couple of lines from this post I am doing right now will come on here and tell us, “But they are not doing away with health care for Americans, they are “Replacing” what we have now with something better!”

My argument will remain, “Whatever they come up with “For” us all is the very same thing that all of “Them” should have to abide by and live with for their own needs because “They” should have it no better than the people they are supposed to be representing.


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Somali Muslim legislator votes for Insurance benefits for terrorist families

As I was reading this piece only one thought kept running through my mind … “People are bound to take care of their own, aren’t they?” The other two thoughts that ran through my mind were, “You get what you vote for so do not complain if you are dissatisfied…” and “I am so happy that Bunkerville brought this interesting piece to light.

There is just one thought that I would like to add to this piece and that thought is this: I have looked up the legislation being discussed here and it is my understanding that this representative, Lihan Omar, did not actually vote FOR insurance benefits for terrorist families but that she reportedly voted AGAINST the bill that would deny such benefits.

I am not sure if that makes much of a difference or not but I thought it would be worth mentioning. If I am not mistaken, the piece of legislation being talked about in this article is likely to be the following: — ( HERE ). Of course I cannot say for certain.

Now I am not ordinarily a person who settles for the first article on a subject that I see so I had to go exploring and I came up with this additional information concerning this story from a source calling itself, “Alpha News.” —- ( HERE ).

Once I read the story on “Alpha News” I became interested in learning more about “Alpha News” and this is what I came up with after scouring the Internet” — ( HERE ).

And finally I discovered another article talking about the launch of “Alpha News” and so I am including a link to that story as well. —- ( HERE ).

There seems to be a lot going on here and it is getting pretty complicated for the likes of this simple blogger (Me) to analyze or unravel so I am going to leave you to your own imaginations and your own thoughts about what is happening here.

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

This piece of work makes the headlines once again. I am talking about Somali Muslim woman Ithan Omar who just voted that terrorists who get killed in the act should not be denied insurance benefits. But my memory recalled an earlier post that I have not seen any follow up regarding:“Historic” Minnesota Muslim primary winner marries brother, already married 

So we have a 33-year-old Somali who gets herself over here to Minnesota. Already married with three kids, decides to add her brother as a husband even though it is immigration fraud as well as bigamy and whatever marrying your brother is. I leave that to you. Then what do you know, now wins the primary of the DFL whatever party that is, but apparently the same as Muslim Congressman Ellison, to the…

View original post 189 more words

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The PC Idiocracy Will Laugh It Off:

Nothing to see here, folks — no need to be concerned — The Feds have it all well in hand and there is no reason to worry about anything …. I can’t wait to see how the political correct ass wads will try to dismiss this one or to laugh it off or to make it seem insignificant.

What am I talking about? — ( I AM TALKING ABOUT THIS)!

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Good Saturday Morning, Everybody:

Good Saturday Morning To All:
It is a cooler Saturday Morning … not very Spring-like at all … but the flowers are blooming and that is what really counts isn’t it?

I have just completed a breakfast of two ham steaks and three eggs all done up nicely in olive oil and some coffee …. a total of 516 calories …. just enough to fuel me for the day and to help me lose weight because it is all protein …. and with a daily calorie limit of 1,600 it is not all that much food either.

This is my third day here on the free section of WordPress.Com and so far the results have been just about the same as they were when I was paying $99 a year to be ignored and to rant and rave and spout virulence, vituperation and profanity … Ha! ha! ha! Ha! I-Ron-Ick Justice as it were …. Heh! Heh! Heh!

So I am being loose and casual this morning and not caring at all about any of the “Rules” of blogging suggested by the egg-spurts because it doesn’t matter what you do, if you don’t have your own server and a fortune to spend on IT people you might just as well hang it up in these high-tech, high-competition days … because if you do what everybody else does you are going to be just like everybody else … pissing in the wind hoping against hope that somebody finds you, connects with what you are saying and sort of hooks up with you by bookmarking your site and coming back again and again whenever they feel the need to be shocked or insulted or whatever … Heh! Heh! Heh! LOL.

I guess we will have another day of the Trump Dumpers scouring what passes for their brains to try to find one more morsel of un-rotted defecation they can smear onto the name, the reputation or the vision of “The President.”

But be that as it may I am going to enjoy my day because I can damned well afford to enjoy it and if something (short of death or irreparable injury) occurs to screw my day up I will just go out and spend some money and fix it. (Any trolls out there who would like to come and masturbate my mentality this morning?).

So here are my best wishes for YOU on YOUR day –May you be blessed in everything and may those blessings flow abundantly!

Your friend,

John (No relation to the little porta-johns you see here and there, now and then.)



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Chukling And Chortling

Watching a really fat broad’s butt dragging the floor from either side of a motorized shopping cart at the super market is often good for an insensitive and somewhat evil chuckle as is the concept of the possibility that some chimpanzees might be entertaining notions of questioning their genders.

Sometimes I chuckle at the astonishment I see on somebody else’s face and sometimes I chuckle at the ridiculousness of the face itself. — (Or the enormity of an ass.).

To chuckle is to quietly laugh inside of yourself. A chuckle is not the boisterous guffaw you might hear from some loon with a newspaper comic strip section in his hand while he dribbles snot all over the salad bar at the grocery store.

A chuckle has also been described as a continuous gentle sound that suggests suppressed mirth … not unlike a fart which might also be a continuous sound suggesting suppressed gas.

One example given for comparison is, “Think of the sound of clear pure water chuckling over a bed of gravel.”

I personally prefer thinking of the sound of a top-shelf scotch chuckling over a glass of ice in the company of a really busty date.

Actually there are times …. Let me stop and take another direction here … Actually there “Were” times ( a long time ago) when I noticed that box springs underneath a mattress on a bed can be forced to make chuckling sounds too. I will not give further details but I have seen it happen.

But you know the drill …. if you have ever seen videos of somebody getting their long hair caught in the whirring blades of an electric mixer then you know that chuckling as a response would be not only ill-mannered but might be a little perverted as well.

But you also know there are actually people who tend to laugh at such tragedies. (As long as it isn’t happening to them.).

However if it is the pubic hairs of the person getting caught in the whirring blades of the electric mixer that might be an entirely different animal altogether. I think it would depend on the circumstances.

That might be funny under the proper conditions!

Chuckling has also been described as “Breaking Up.”

I do not mean breaking up as falling apart and seeing your body parts scattered all over the area or I am not speaking of the kind of breaking up that occurs when the wings fall off an airplane … or when a disgruntled partner tells his or her better half that it is all over … No, not those kinds of breaking up.

I am talking here of the kind of breaking up that occurs when a person sees something funny and “Goes all to pieces”, losing all sense of propriety, losing the ability to think straight during the episode of chuckling — trying to hold the boisterous laughter back to the point of accidentally fluctuating …. or worse ….  that kind of breaking up!

Do not pretend you did not know what I was talking about.

Chuckling has also been described as “Cracking Up” which has nothing to do with ingestion of illegal substances or of growing ponderous portions of ass through over eating and the sedentary life style — No, not those kinds of cracking up.

I am talking here of the kind of cracking up that happens when somebody on the bus asks an unwary mother if their baby monkey would like a banana and someone else hears it and busts out in uproarious mirth — Just prior to the inquirer getting the crap slapped out of him (or her) by the indignant mom.

Yes, chuckling is all about quietly laughing and probably has some therapeutic value somewhere along the line and is most likely something that almost everyone reading this post has done at one time in their life or the other — or, in case they have never done it, they should try it.

I think the worst thing that could happen would be that the chuckler might lose their false teeth, or get their face slapped, or enrage some gorilla that lacks a sense of humor if he or she perceives you are chuckling at them …. which would be a most impolite and socially unacceptable thing to do in the first place.




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I have come over here to the “Freebie” side of WordPress.Com to avoid the expense of renewing my premium upgrade and so far the experience has been comfortable if nothing else.

I hear there are some advertisements that may pop up on “John’s Place” here on the free side of things but that is fine by me.

If moving over here to the free side doesn’t do anything else for me as a blogger it might teach me the lesson that I was never intended to be a blogger in the first place and that I might have wasted the last 7 years trying.

Why do I say that?

I say that because there are not all that many people who comment on stuff I write which says to me that I am very boring as a writer or that what I say has no relevance to anybody except a very few highly intelligent individuals who have honored me with their presence, their comments, their help, advice and friendship over the years.

You know who you are and you should know that you are loved and appreciated.

I have bitched about this before and I do not wish to drive the subject into the ground so I will move on to something else in case anyone is listening.

I have discovered that the “Amazon” site has almost anything a person could ever want to buy in their entire lifetime. I was floored by the extent of the things you can buy over there. In the near future I might even try buying a few things over there and see how it all turns out.



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Look At Me! I’m On A Subdomain!

Yes, I am blogging on a limited-customizable sub-domain complete with advertising for the entertainment of my millions of adoring fans but the upside is that I am not paying a dime for the privilege of running my mouth here.


I have been reading all the reasons I should be thinking about migrating this blog over to a paid self-hosted domain on a blog hosting service and so far have not convinced myself that would be the right thing for me to do.

I have nothing to sell personally and I don’t really need to sell anything myself because I am already rich enough and happy with what I have … so what is left for me to do except bore people with my amateurish writing here and hope that somebody will eventually stumble in here and give me a read and maybe a comment or two.

The day may come when I might go to a hosting company and pay for a self hosted blog but for the time being I am happy being an obscure nobody right here where I am now.

For whoever is interested I got out of the house at 6:30 this morning and managed to  do a combination of running, jogging, walking and power walking for at least a mile and this is good because I have been more or less confined to the house for over a year now.

My friend, Jim, and I went down to the river looking for the little yellow flowers that always come with the beginning of Springtime but they have not yet peeped their little heads out from the surrounding greenery … so maybe a little later in the month.

Didn’t see any turtles in the river either. Bummer!

But there was one big (Really Big) squirrel who ran across the trail a few yards in front of us so that was excitement for a minute or two.

The air was a little coolish today but still comfortable and it sure beats the nose-punching snap of extreme cold that is the hallmark of Old Man Winter. The cooler air makes for some great sleeping at night!

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon here now so I am going to lie down for my daily nap. I am old and need my beauty rest you know.


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Something New With Google Earth

First of all if you are running the Chrome Browser you can hook up with the new and improved “Google Earth” and fly around the world in 3-D and all kinds of good stuff.


Of course my browser doesn’t support the new Google Earth “Yet” and I am not about to install Chrome … but for those of you who do have “Chrome” you might want to check out the following link and explore to your heart’s content: — HERE.

If that one doesn’t work for you then try this one — HERE.

What is being promised:

If you have the need and the desire to download the Chrome Browser so that you can use Google Earth you might want to check this link out — HERE.

They are promising “Stunning 3-D” and street views and a new point of view from “Voyager.”

The main reason I am not messing around with this technology is that I have a built-in fear of heights and do not care to see things from that high off the ground … and besides that I have seen enough of my own neighborhood from ground level to last me for a lifetime and … I am not all that impressed with what I see.

(Picture Credit: The Earth picture above is from PIXABAY and is public domain.


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